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6 Apr 2022
4 min read

NEW: Cocktails in Manchester You Need To Try

This Spring, on the 20th of April, at Three Little Words. We’re launching our brand-new cocktail & food menu filled with jaw-dropping cocktails and mouth-watering small plates. Get ready to spice up your date nights, catch-ups with friends and those after-work drinks.

The Inspiration Behind The Cocktail Menu

A new season and a new menu. Welcoming fresh flavours of spring and vibrant summer vibes, we’ve crafted drinks that celebrate spirits and their production in all its glory.

For this menu, we’ve taken inspiration from the processes that make spirits; from the cultivation of grains and plants through distillation, all the way to the glass.

Our new menu focuses on bringing out new and unexpected flavours in spirits, showing their fullest potential by using techniques such as infusion, maceration, fat-washing and even cold vacuum distilling. We’ve also scattered QR codes throughout some of our recipes so you can create them in the comfort of your own home.

Can’t wait for launch day? Take a sneak peek at a couple of our new cocktails below from our range of 16.

Sweet & Delicate Cocktails

Under Pressure

A refreshing, citrusy gin-based cocktail garnished with a show-stopping citrus air bubble. The cocktail is made with Manchester Gin Raspberry Infused, Watermelon Washed Aperol, House Mint Liqueur, Apple Juice and Lime. This cocktail is thirst-quenching and juicy on the surface, with sweet raspberry notes and a refreshing watermelon and mint finish.

Under Pressure

Painted Lady

Ride a wave of fresh floral flavours balanced with a creamy richness, finished with a beautiful garnish of a Cornabria Blossom. Citrusy Manchester Gin Haçienda and tangy Pisco are balanced with richer, indulgent pomegranate infused white chocolate. It’s a rich cocktail with a blend of sweet notes and a perfect balance of refreshing flavours.

Painted Lady

Sweet & Bold Cocktails

100 Problems

If you’re a coffee-lover, you’re going to love this one - especially if you had a hard time saying goodbye to our previous bestseller 99 Problems. 100 Problems is our interpretation of a rum-based Espresso Martini. Oak-Infused One-Eyed Rebel Rum, Honeycomb Cordial, Pistachio Orgeat, Espresso and a sprinkle of salt. It’s an inviting balance of warm & sweet spice

100 Problems cocktail

A Day In The Sun

Amazing how one little drink can instantly transport you to a sunny village in Italy. This drink captures the savoury spice of vine tomatoes; we’ve fat-washed Woodford Reserve Bourbon with sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil, for a rich Mediterranean flavour. This is beautifully balanced with Forty-Five Rose Vermouth, a dash of bitters and warm cassia.

A Day In The Sun Cocktail

Delicate Yet Dry Cocktails

For Miso Sake

For Miso Sake is a rich & herbaceous cocktail with earthy undertones. This cocktail is made with our Manchester Gin Wild Spirit enriched with fresh Red Pepper, a Plum Sake & Jasmine infusion and Miso. Served in a traditional Japanese Masu Box, this intriguing drink combines sweet and earthy botanicals with the warm umami of miso.

For Miso Sake Cocktail

Bold & Dry Cocktails

Forbidden Root

Forbidden Root is a cocktail you don’t want to miss. Inspired by the bottling process, it comes served on a ceramic board, in a small glass bottle with a palette cleansing jelly on the side. It’s a combination of electrifying and citrusy flavours from our Manchester Gin Haçienda with waves of perfectly balanced sweetness and gentle smokiness from the Mescal and grapefruit juice.

Forbidden Root cocktail

Exciting New Small Plates

Welcome to our new Head Chef, Karl: landing with a bang, he’s transformed our food menu with elevated seasonal dishes that really celebrate ingredients at their best.

Taking inspiration from a summer barbecue, focusing on clean, modern European dishes, particularly from French & Italian flavourst. The new menu includes dishes like; tender One-Eyed Rebel beef skirt, boneless chicken wings with a creamy mushroom beurre blanc sauce and tarragon. A Luganica sausage roll served with delicate apple ketchup to balance the herby and subtly spicy flavours.

Is your mouth watering yet? Book yourself in now.

Cocktail pour 1

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