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23 Sept 2021
2 min read

Oysters in Manchester - Free Oysters at Three Little Words

We’re very excited to be celebrating the launch of Manchester Gin’s Mother of Pearl Oyster Gin with an amazing offer of free oysters (fresh or deep-fried) with every Mother Of Pearl drink you purchase from Friday the 24th of September.

It’s time to try something new: Mother of Pearl is a gin made as part of a very special collaboration between the Spirit of Manchester Distillery and Michelin-starred restaurant, mana. We will be serving fresh oysters alongside your drink of choice, filled with flavour from a crisp shallot pickling, fresh lemon juice and splash of tabasco for a hint of spice. Not keen on oysters? Our head chef, Jimmy is prepared to change your mind. Trust us, we think you’re going to love it.

Jimmy loves to experiment and says “This gin and the “serve” with an oyster is making it about more than just food and drink itself but about how we can bring the experience of the wild British coasts and fresh sea air to our little corner of Manchester.”

What’s in our Gold Medal winning Oyster gin?

Mother of Pearl transports you to the wild coasts of the north, and the rugged cliff tops. To do this, The Spirit of Manchester Distillery have taken oyster shells that would’ve otherwise been discarded by mana, broken them down, and used them as a botanical to create a totally unique gin. The oyster flavour is perfectly balanced with fresh pine and zingy citrus.

Simon Martin, Chef-Owner of mana said: “It is wonderful to see our oyster shells, which are usually discarded, being transformed into something so unique and purposeful.”

Our Limited-Edition Drinks

For a traditional serve, our Mana version will be paired with a Franklin & Sons Light Tonic which will let you focus on the ocean-like and coastal aromatics of the gin with a garnish of lime and basil for a gentle zing.

For a twist, our Mother of Pearl Martini is mixed using our oyster gin, dry white vermouth, bergamot liqueur with a dash of lemon bitters for a balance between all of the flavours.

Our oyster offer will be available from Friday the 24th of September until the end of October, with our G&T being priced at £9 while our limited edition cocktail will be available for £11.

mother of pearl

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