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3 Nov 2022
2 min read

New Menu: Cocktails You Love

The first month of our new cocktail menu, 'A Full Circle' is coming to an end and the new drinks are going down a storm! The menu features 16 innovative creations, and with so much to choose from, we thought we’d delve into three of the bestsellers so far.

F In

Down With The Ship

Featuring Manchester Gin Overboard navy strength gin as the base, our house-made zesty Grapefruitcello shines through, bringing brightness and balance to this delicious drink. The inclusion of a blackberry ferment and Cherry Heering complements and enhances this citrus-forward drink, giving extra depth and a dark, wintery feel.

Why Dan, our Bar Manager, loves it, “The tart florality of the overall drink really accentuates the bittersweet qualities, and does a great job of cleansing your palate after a meal.”

Paddington's Breakfast

Sweet marmalade leads this crisp and velvety drink. When thinking of marmalade in cocktails the mind is immediately drawn to the breakfast martini, a 90’s invention by Italian bartender, Salvatore Calabrese who was living in London with his English wife.

Our modern iteration of this marmalade-based cocktail bridges the gap between the former short, sharp and boozy tipple, and something a little sweeter. The addition of Aperol sous-vide cooked with butterscotch sweets gives a bittersweet, interesting edge.

Why Scott, one of our Bartenders, loves it, “I love a breakfast martini, but I have a bit of a sweet tooth also, so this drink is perfect for me.”

Make Me Blush

Processes, such as clarifying lemon juice, have allowed us to create a cocktail that aesthetically, is a simple sparkling wine. But below the surface this drink has light and refreshing flavours of elderflower, rhubarb and kumquat. We have also used a technique called reverse spherification for the garnish, which allows us to create small rhubarb jellies that resemble caviar.

Why Charlotte, our General Manager, loves it, “It’s a great first drink of the evening that’s refreshing and light with a hint of sweetness, one that you can drink far too quickly.”

The drinks don’t stop here, cocktails made with whisky, mezcal, coffee and much more can be found in the full menu!

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